Who Am I?

Leader | Creator

Performing Artist to Producer
Midwest to East Coast
Big Ideas to Personal Connections

I am interested most of all in the relationship between authenticity and connection.

How can we be more real with one another? How can we create the kind of trust in a theatrical environment that let’s us open up and really connect? How can we cultivate a safe space for the difficult but imperative conversations? I believe in the power of words and the necessity of questions. When I am working with an idea I ask myself, “Do we need this, now?” “Does it feel true?” “Does it have vision?” I create work that is stripped to the essentials. In many ways this goes hand in hand with my goal to work towards sustainability and waste reduction that both includes and goes beyond the material aspect. I generate work that requires an audience response, in the literal sense, weaving call and response, direct address, and other interactive elements into the fabric of these theatrical experiences. I champion new works, social justice oriented works, and re-imagined classics. I am process oriented and people focused, creating inclusive and collaborative environments that lift artists up.  I see connections everywhere: between seemingly distant people, problems, ideas, images, and art forms. It is my absolute delight to illuminate these connections, and to challenge, inspire, and above all connect with our communities through the magic (yes, it is a little magic!) of the arts.


A Cincinnati native, Bertaux’s career has taken her from the Midwest to the East Coast and back again. Along the way she met her husband and adopted a Boxer dog (both of whom keep her laughing).

Audrey Bertaux is the Producing Artistic Director and a founding member of Walterhoope. Bertaux has produced three seasons of programming for Walterhoope including multiple theatrical events incorporating community meals, a short film, and narrative podcast. A professional actor and proud member of Actor’s Equity, Bertaux has over a decade of experience playing stages from the Midwest to the East Coast and back again including The Shakespeare Theatre, Olney Theatre Center, Theatre J, The Clark Theatre at Lincoln Center, and Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to name a few.  As a Voice Over Artist, Bertaux has recorded numerous roles with Graphic Audio and Marvel Entertainment and plays the leading role in the podcast, Wellspring. Bertaux received her MFA in Classical Acting from The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University where she studied under the legendary Michael Kahn. Bertaux is also the Associate Director of Professional Development at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where it is her pleasure to advocate for the artists of our future.

Audrey Bertaux's CV

Selected Experience

Walterhoope | Producing Artistic Director and Founding Member | Cincinnati, OH | Seasons 1-3 | 2017 – Present

  • Founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to telling stories with vision while breaking down and examining the relationship between artists and audiences. 
  • Produced theatrical and multimedia projects that push the boundaries of how audiences can engage with the performing arts that include two full length original works, The Macbeth’s and Half Gallon Fruit Jars, the bilingual adaptation of the beloved classic The Little Prince, the local premiere of Lungs, the short film Too Like The Lighting (Nominated by Cindependent for ‘Best Ohio Short’), and the narrative podcast, Wellspring. All live performances to date have been zero waste to landfill events and all have blended multiple art forms (Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Film).
  • Developed successful partnerships including Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, Wave Pool, Xavier University, Green Umbrella, In the Field Cincinnati, La Soupe, First Lutheran Church, The Peaslee Center, UC’s RAAP, and The Art Academy of Cincinnati.
  • Collaboratively ran three successful crowdfunding campaigns and multiple successful individual fundraising campaigns as well as receiving grants from Arts Wave and Ohio Arts Council.


Art Academy of Cincinnati | Associate Director of Professional Development | Cincinnati, OH | 2019 – Present

  • Created and built the Office of Professional Development
  • Established professional development programs for students including: the Connect with Creatives Series, Life After Art School Panel Discussion, and Life Skills Series 
  • Expanded and rebranded +Business program to the Arts Business Certificate (ABCert) and increased seniors graduating with ABCert to nearly 25%
  • Developed, implemented, and taught curriculum for required course, “Going Big: Professionalism Workshop”  
  • Program Coordinator for Study Abroad
  • As Internship Program Director, revamped program structure and requirements
  • Grew community partners to promote and expand internship and job opportunities for students including Education at Work, Fidelity Investments, Algin Furniture, Brown Bear Bakery, David Millet Interior Design, Urban Blooms, Green Umbrella, Ron Hamilton Photo, Cincinnati Zoo, Wordplay, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Basketshop Gallery, Curiosity 360  
  • Launched AAC ArtBeat: a monthly newsletter connecting students to resources and opportunities furthering creative professional development 

Kentucky Institute for International Studies | Board Member | 2019 – Present

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | Panelist | Pride & Prejudice Sunday Salon: Queer Theatre | March 2020

Body Alive | Lead Trainer and Teacher | Cincinnati, OH | 2018 – 2019

Xavier University | Undergraduate Workshop Leader | Boulder, CO | Sustainability, the Arts, and the Economy | May 2016

Community College of Baltimore County | Undergraduate Guest Lecturer | Baltimore, MD | May 2017

Young Playwright’s Theatre | Lead Teaching Artist | Washington, DC | 2014 – 2017

Round House Theatre | Lead Teaching Artist | Silver Spring, MD | 2014 – 2017

Everyman Theatre | Lead Teaching Artist | Baltimore, MD | 2016 – 2017


Lincoln Center Edu./Psittacus | HecateA Tale Told By An Idiot | Robert Richmond

REGIONAL (selected)

Shakespeare Theatre Company | The Harpy | The Tempest | Ethan McSweeny

National Symphony Orchestra | Juliet | Romeo & Juliet: Shakespeare at the Symphony | Alan Paul

Olney Theatre Center | Sorel | Hay FeverEleanor Holdridge

Studio Theatre | Niamh (U/S) | Moment Ethan McSweeny

Folger Theatre | Portia (U/S) | Julius Caesar | Robert Richmond

Walterhoope | Woman | LungsDavid Mavricos

1st Stage| Lisa | Well Michael Bloom

Adventure Theatre | Lucy/Witch | The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe | Tom Story

The Welders | Halo | The Girl in the Red Corner | Amber McGinnis Jackson

Mosaic Theatre Company | Ensemble | Promised LandMichael Bloom

Theatre J | Alanna | G-D’s Honest Truth | Jenny McConnell Frederick

Walterhoope | Lady | The Macbeths | David Mavricos

Annapolis Shakespeare Company | Ophelia | Hamlet | Sally Boyett

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company | Helena | A Midsummer Night’s DreamIan Gallanar

Filament Theatre | Eurydice | OrpheusOmen Sade

Heartland Actors Repertory Theatre | Sylvia | Two Gentlemen of VeronaMichael Shelton

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | Ms. Grey | Sense and SensibilityDrew Fracher

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | Aggie | The Grapes of WrathBrian Isaac Phillips 

Taffety Punk | Woman | PhaetonMarcus Kyd


Fords Theatre | The Nurse | The Death of Bessie Smith (Staged reading) | Jennifer Nelson

Arena Stage | Lily | The Toys in the Attic (Staged reading)Lillian Hellman Festival | Lise Bruneau

Shakespeare Theatre Company | Dockdaisy | The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Staged reading) | ReDiscovey Series | Craig Baldwin

Graphic Audio/Marvel Entertainment (Selected Credits, 2016 – Present)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 | Annya 

Stormlight Archive Book 2 (Parts 4 and 5) | Iyatil, Lyn

Esther Diamond Books 1-5 | Multiple Roles

Chaos Queen Book 1 | Jane

Wreaths of Glory | Iris 

Galactic Football League Books 3 & 4 | Captain Kate Cheevers

Galactic Football League (The Reporter) | Captain Kate Cheevers

The Lightbringer Saga Books 4 (Parts 1 and 2) & 5  | Katalina, Sibeal

Caitlin Strong Book 7 | Sara Ann Hoder 

The Corrigan Brothers Book 1 | Rebecca Tuttle

Walterhoope (2019)

Wellspring Ve

Rocket Media (2017)

Revictimization | Female Soldier

Walterhoope (2018)

Too Like the Lightning | Tinder Lady (Principal)


The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University
Master of Fine Arts in Classical Acting | 2014

Butler University
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre | Cum Laude | 2010

Justus Liebig Universitaet Giessen
Semester Abroad | Germany | 2008

Workshops: Michael Kahn, Ethan McSweeny, Rob Clare, Rod Menzies, Brendon Fox, Kristin Linklater, Roger Rees


Member of Actors Equity | 2016 – Present

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher | Yoga District | 2017 – Present

Certified Personal Trainer | National Academy of Sports Medicine | 2018 – Present

Certified Actor Combatant | Society of American Fight Directors | 2013 – Present

Cindependent Film Festival | Walterhoope’s short film, Too Like The Lightning: Official Festival Selection, Nominated for ‘Best Ohio Short’  | Cincinnati, OH | 2018

Women of Cincy | Featured in “8 Female Filmmakers: Audrey Bertaux on Too Like The Lighting” article by Courtney Reynolds | August 10, 2018

Helen Hayes Nomination | The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: ‘Best TYA Show’ | Washington, DC | 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts | Bertaux’s performance as Lucy in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: ‘Best Professional Theatre Performance’  | Washington, DC | 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts | Bertaux’s performance as Halo in Girl in the Red Corner: ‘Best Professional Theatre Performance’  | Washington, DC | 2016